Restaurant Buzz Seoul Advertiser (1 credit)

Restaurant Buzz Seoul Advertiser (1 credit)

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Reach over 16,000 active foodies!

Restaurant Buzz Seoul has grown to be the most vocal and effective way to gain traffic to Seoul restaurants. 

Your credit can be used to post the following types of posts:

  • Grand opening announcement
  • Pre-opening announcement
  • Special Event
  • Weekly Special
  • Menu item introduction
  • Menu introduction
  • Staffing announcement
  • Closing/Holiday announcement

You can post photos, videos, and as much text as you wish. We only have a few restrictions.

  • No racist, mysoginistic, or any other type of disparaging content towards individuals or groups.
  • Do not post anything that can get you or ZenKimchi in trouble with libel. In other words, don't use your credits to trash talk other business or individuals. That includes saying anything disparaging about ZenKimchi and its affiliates, members, and employees.

How it works

After you buy credits, and if you are a new subscriber, you will be given an account number. Include this number in your post. The moderators will remove that number before publishing and register your credit. 

Some things to keep in mind

  • We don't delete comments on your post unless they are defamatory or break the rules of Restaurant Buzz Seoul.
  • Don't use the comments to artificially bounce the post to the top of the group.
  • Paid reviews that are not disclosed are strictly forbidden. If we find out that a paid review was posted without any disclosure, the subscriber can have their account closed with no refund.